Opinions of CAL doors

  • I did not think too long about the choice of a door manufacturer. The CAL doors just have "something", which is not to be found among other competitors. I am very pleased with the purchased doors, they are an amazing decoration of every room.

    — Joanna from Szczecin, Poland
  • The CAL door that I have purchased is of great quality and, in addition, looks great. The product is value for money.ey.
    Great quality, great look! It’s just few simple words about the CAL doors and I recommend them sincerely. They are simply worth every penny!

    — Customer
  • I deal with professional door installation for many years and from various manufacturers as well, but I love to work with the CAL doors, because I can be sure that the customer will be satisfied, and I will not have any problems in the future. Right now, I am building a house for my family, and I know that only the CAL door will be fitted there.

    — Fitter

The top quality is not a coincidence

We know almost everything about the door because we’ve been dealing with them for over 30 years. We combined excellent wood quality with high production and door assembly standards. Thanks to this, we give our customers a product with a guarantee of excellent durability for years.

Aktualności i promocje

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