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What our customers say

  • It did not take me long to choose the right door. CAL's interior doors have got that "something" in them that you can hardly find elsewhere. I am very pleased with these doors, they are a highlight of each room.

    — Joanna from Szczecin

The top quality is not a coincidence

We know almost everything about the door because we’ve been dealing with them for over 30 years. We combined excellent wood quality with high production and door assembly standards. Thanks to this, we give our customers a product with a guarantee of excellent durability for years.

Manufacturer of entrance doors

CAL is a family company, which has been manufacturing exterior and interior wooden doors for more than 30 years, while providing the highest standards and continuously improving its products. Currently, it employs over 100 employees, who make every effort to maintain CAL’s position as the leader in the field of manufacturing wooden exterior doors. The CAL's portfolio includes hundreds of unique implementations, which are the result of many years of experience.

Wooden interior and exterior doors - a key to your safety

Wooden doors manufactured by CAL make the dreams of a beautiful, warm and safe house come true. They are equipped with innovative solutions, e.g. burglary-proof rebate, thermal threshold beam (TOP®) or remote control. Over time, each of them becomes a standard on the market. Moreover, CAL has been cooperating for many years with renowned suppliers, such as Winkhaus, VBH, Teknos and 3M.

In particular, CAL makes sure that its customers can enjoy a product of the highest quality, therefore it decided to include in its offer the services of the Authorized Installation Group. It provides professional installation of exterior wooden doors, as well as internal wooden doors.

Wooden doors manufactured by CAL have been decorating entrances to numerous houses for many years. They can be bought not only in Poland, but also abroad: in England, Germany, Lithuania or Scandinavia.

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