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Warmth and safety

Warmth and safety

The unique heat transfer coefficient. Thermal insulation (Ud) even at the level of 0.58 W / m2K, and high burglar resistance class (RC2) as standard, will provide you with the comfort of life – yours and your family.

What does the 0.58 W/m2K coefficient mean?

It means no more and no less than the fact you get one of the warmest doors available on the market. It’s a cozy entrance hall during the winter season and the pleasant feeling of warm children’s clothes. This is respect for nature – saving energy it’s not simply money in your wallet but above all, care for nature for future generations. Your children will be breathing in a healthy world.

These are three key benefits:

  1. Warmth – you will feel it inside your home. CAL is the only Polish producer of wooden doors who is Passive Buildings Ambassador (the highest standards for energy efficient buildings, developed by the Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt, Germany).
  2. Airtightness – triple or double rebated door, meets precisely defined function, prevents uncontrolled air leaking.
  3. Real savings on heating that you will feel in your wallet. Control at every stage of production ensures compliance with technological and construction regimes confirmed by numerous certificates.

RC2 class?

This is a certainty that you’re getting a certified door. It is a peaceful holiday and high burglary resistance class – RC2 as a standard. Above all, CAL doors are equipped with a burglary-proof rebate called „French rebate” – CAL’s innovation which becomes a standard for other Polish door producers, and with Winkhaus security multipoint locks and Low-E security glass, as well.

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