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Natural quality

Excellent quality

The CAL door is a door born of nature. They are made of 100 % ecological and renewable raw materials. We use wood harvested exclusively from forests managed in accordance with the FSC standards. The entire CAL coating system is based on waterborne, eco-friendly products that ensure an attractive and natural look that will last for many years, despite the impact of external weather conditions.

Please note! Wooden doors not only affect the appearance of the elevation of the building but their main goal is also to insulate it from noise and protect from external conditions: heat and cold. Wooden doors with their parameters guarantee low energy consumption because of their low heat transfer coefficient – thermal insulation even at the level of 0.58 W / m2K – it is not only to save money, but also to care for the environment because doors and windows are responsible even for 35% heat loos in the building.
Eco-friendly doors, perfect by nature, made of high quality oak wood. It’s worth knowing that wood comes from a certified forest – this means that pesticides are not used in its area, and rare species of animals and vegetation are protected there. Such a forest is managed properly at every stage – from sowing seeds in forest nurseries, through all growing and protecting procedures carried out in stands, to cutting and selling it.

CAL supports ecology and is involved in activities which help to save the natural environment. As we run our business responsibly, we know how important it is to treat the environment which surrounds us properly, therefore we try to actively influence development of the ecosystem we all live in. Out of concern for the good of future generations and to maintain forest resources in the best possible condition, we automatically renew and enlarge them. CAL pursues the “Tree for Door” policy and our employees participate in the forest planting action every year. Doors made of natural raw materials are not just eco-friendly products, but among other things, they also provide fantastic thermal features that will reduce your heating costs. CAL as Passive Building Ambassador is proud to present products with excellent and proven parameters.

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