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Exterior door Petra

Wood/Colour options

Oak – Bleached Oak

Oak – Afromosia

Oak – Cherry

Oak – Tabaco

Oak – Teak

Oak – Walnut

Oak – Winchester

Oak – Amber Oak

Oak – Dark Teak

Oak – Gold Oak

Oak – Old Oak

Old oak (oak)

Pine – Afromosia

Pine – Cherry

Pine – Dark Pine

Pine – Dark Teak

Pine – Teak

Pine – Walnut

Pine/Oak – RAL*, NCS*

*colours with surcharge

Available as standard

Glued laminated timber frame, 50 or 65mm-thick (optionally 70, 80 or 88mm)

Four hinges adjustable in three directions

Thermally broken low aluminium threshold

Bottom rail weatherstrip, additionally works as a weather drip bar

External side of the door finished with sintered quartz inserts

A three-point security lock (RC2 class)

Triple-glazed low-E security glass

Product details

Thermo standard (this door series can also be built in the Arctic standard)

Unique “French rebate” anti-burglar system

Double rebated door (triple rebated if the Arctic standard is used)

Thermal insulation material

Plate rebated door , 78mm thick (Thermo standard) or 90mm thick (Arctic standard), built with glued laminated timber frame, insulated core and oak or pine veneered waterproof plywood.

Oak or pine veneered waterproof plywood

Door handles


F4 old gold


F8 black


F6 stainless steel


F6 stainless steel


F9 titanium








Custom sizes

Our standard models are just an inspiration. Fit the CAL door to the opening in your home!

Single door for openings ranging from 980 to 1220 mm in width and from 1830 to 2520 mm in height.

Width of the doors with sidelights can be anywhere between 1220 and 2950 mm (at 1cm increments)

This means that all CAL doors can be designed and manufactured the dimensions you need – from 1028 to 2950mm in width and from 1830 to 30mm in height.