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Story about love for wood and fulfilled dreams


Zbigniew Cywiński

Owner and President of CAL

Our top priority is honesty towards a Customer. As an experienced family company, which bears the name of its founder, we feel obliged to comply with the universal values, which are not subject to fashion or trends in marketing. Therefore we tell the truth about our products – their reliability is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by independent institutions.

Our success guarantees stability and confidence that the company will survive every crisis. We rely on such proven, reputable suppliers as Winkhaus, VBH, Teknos and 3M. CAL is our life. We love wood, and our passion enables us to fulfill our customers’ dreams – the dreams of a beautiful home.

Sylwia Ciszewska

Managing Director of CAL

Interview at the Exclusive VIP Woodwork Gala:


CAL is a well-managed Company with a management system based on lean management principles and the Theory of Constraints. Currently, the company employs more than 100 people and is a leader in the production of external doors. We also have a rich portfolio of timeless designs of internal doors that have been produced for years. Besides, we constantly improve our products and introduce innovative solutions, such as Anti-burglar “French rebate”, thermal threshold beam (TOP®) and remote control. These are CAL’s innovation that has become a standard on the market – not only in Poland

To provide the ultimate care for our product and to make sure that the door will always be installed by professionals who have the proper knowledge and experience, we introduced the Authorization of Installation Groups (AIG). The total area of our production facility is currently 2,800 sq m. Branded Products by CAL are available not only in Poland but also on foreign markets, like: England, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia, Scandinavia and Canada.

Picture of CAL sales support team


We started over 30 years ago in a team of just 10 people. The beginnings were not easy – we had huge problems with the supply of both materials and machines. We worked in the plant that only had 300 sq m, after two years we built another 350 sq m.

In 1989, we merged two companies Zakład Stolarki Budowlanej Cywiński and Antonik with the ZSB Lutostanski Company – this is how CAL was founded (the CAL name comes from the first letters of the founders’ names). Then we purchased the land where the company is located today. We had three 600 sq m halls at our disposal.