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TOP® - Thermal Threshold Beam

Welcome to TOP! TOP® is a proprietary solution of the CAL company. This is an optional component to give your CAL door even better thermal characteristics during installation. TOP has been specially designed to be fully integrated with the CAL standard thermally broken threshold. The addition of the TOP component gives even better performance to your door.

Such a set is a compact and very durable filling of the space under the door. The thermal insulation material goes below the level of the screed, thanks to which it effectively eliminates thermal bridges under the threshold. The use of TOP ensures full functionality and thermal insulation of the door.

Set includes:

1. Support block 35x35mm
2. Support block 20x20mm
3. Milled block of extruded hard polystyrene 80×93 x [width of the door] with two strips of butyl tape
4. Waterproofing membrane – width 200mm

High quality products also require a perfect installation. CAL was one of the first manufacturers to introduce an insulated threshold assembly. A careful, well done installation protects the door from long term damage, and also allows the door to do what it was designed to do: insulate the house from the cold or hot outside. TOP® has been proposed as invention No. P402608 to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, and from the beginning of 2013 it is protected by a patent law.

Installation guidelines with TOP®

The TOP® set attaches directly to the aluminium threshold before placing the door frame in wall opening. It allows the builder to achieve level ground under the door at the level of -80 mm (see TOP® technical drawing). After setting, fixing to the walls and checking the operation of the door, the whole TOP® together with the threshold should be screwed to the ground. Thanks to this, movements and shifts of the frame will not be possible. The threshold installed in this way is airtight and does not creak.

The materials used for the production of TOP are very durable so that they do not deform even under the influence of heavy burden. As a protection for the space under TOP® CAL offers a ground beam made of Purenitu®, with high resistance to moisture and fungi, as well as a high resistance to compression and good thermal parameters. No other material provides such thermal or mechanical properties for many years of service with TOP.

CAL doors installation options: determined by the building construction.

Assembly of Thermal Threshold Beam (TOP®)

PURENIT® foundation beam

* Purenit – German insulating material formed of a combination of polyurethane foam and aluminium shavings is characterized by a high resistance to chemicals, moisture and fungi. Its properties also include high resistance to compression and excellent thermal insulation. The advantage of purenite are not only great properties, but also ease in processing

PURENIT® a sound foundation for TOP®

This solid piece made of PURENIT® is a structural element that provides extremely good insulation and structural performance. This component is 1200mm long and 50mm thick. It can be easily cut, drilled, or shaved with universal tools and installed during construction. It allows the builder to achieve level ground under the door TOP® at the level of -80 mm.