Loft collection - Drzwi drewniane zewnętrzne i wewnętrzne najwyższej jakości
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Loft collection

Wszystkie modele spełniają wymagania programu „Czyste Powietrze” oraz kryteria uzyskania „Ulgi Termomodernizacyjnej”.


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Wooden-glass doors for spacious interiors in the loft style are the most fashionable in this season. These are oak frame structure doors with glazing as the dominant component. They are also available in the x-mat color.

The Loft collection contains references to apartments arranged in former industrial buildings, for example factories or warehouses, or apartments with large, high, and open space, designed in an industrial style with CAL doors in the loft version, i.e. with extensive glazing.

Their names are truly royal and so is their equipment.

The doors of this collection are made of wood. They have a magnetic lock and window glass as a standard, and are available in a full range of stain colors: spray stain, rubbed-in stain, and wax oil.

If you are looking for modern designs and, at the same time, want to enjoy the daily touch and beauty of wood, the Loft collection models are just for you.