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What do you gain by establishing cooperation with us?

By establishing cooperation with CAL you gain not only a modern product with exceptional parameters and properties, but also numerous benefits.

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Free access to our online sales service system, so-called CALkulatora

All-In-One package: Pricing, Ordering and Tracking - anytime, anywhere, however you want

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You gain the assistance of our Regional Sales Managers

They have the necessary knowledge and experience to easily answer key questions during work.

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You receive professional sales and product trainings

They take place in your showroom and the manufacturer's headquarters. In addition, we will train your installation group.

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You will be equipped for free with sophisticated CAL marketing materials

They will support your sales activities.

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You can participate in many partnership programmes

Unique partnership programmes or material prizes in competitions.

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You get expert support

Experts from the Technology and Sales Departments are waiting for you.

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We guarantee free delivery within Poland

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Additionally, you gain the opportunity to buy a door for the exhibition at preferential prices.

This is just our basic package of benefits for your company. Together, we can do even more!