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Biometric and Access Control System

CAL Company offers its customers wooden exterior doors equipped with customized control and management devices.

Personalized comfort

Currently, advanced technologies allow you to create from almost any type of building a facility that meets the highest requirements in terms of safety and comfort of use. In smart homes, in fact, an exterior door is a very important element in this matter.

On the safe side of the door.

One of the necessary conditions for smart homes is to provide their residents with home security such as access control and alarm systems. Therefore, a home automation system will control not only lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances but also can warn against both burglary, as well as fire or flooding. In that case, home security system can not be used without exterior doors that are compatible with the domotics.

Farurej door from the Knight Collection is characterized by a tasteful combination of wood, steel and glass which fits into both: modern and traditional houses.

Photo by CAL


Security by CAL

External wooden doors from the CAL Knight Collection, depending on the equipment, can be installed in both standard and smart homes.

A great advantage of the solutions proposed by the CAL is that they can be used in any door model – not only from the Knight collection. This gives more freedom in the choice of the door to your aesthetic preferences. Carefully and well-done installation also makes the whole system remaining completely invisible and does not introduce disharmony in the already arranged interior or façade. In this way, we gain a comprehensive solution – premium wooden doors, perfectly matched to the style of your smart home.

Basic standard

The electric multipoint locks assembled in the CAL doors can be controlled by various types of devices. The basic equipment that can be used with home automation are: fingerprint reader, numeric keypad code, RFID reader, BioKey Bluetooth + Touchcode.

Fingerprint reader
Access via fingerprint. Open the door safely using a fingerprint.

Numeric keypad code
Access by code. Open the door simply by entering the code.

RFID reader
Access via RFID. Open the door easily by means of transponders like: key cards, transponder chips or ATM cards, up to 150 users.

BioKey Bluetooth + Touchcode
Access by code or mobilephone. Open the door simply by entering the code or easily using a smartphone equipped with Bluetooth.

Assembly of the fingerprint reader.
Photo by CAL

A comprehensive solution

Have you ever forgotten your keys? Perfect! Now, you would only use your finger or your smartphone to open the door. Connect your door with the alarm system. With one move turn off the alarm, open the blinds and turn on the TV. Inform the security company about burglary without arousing the intruder’s suspicion. There is also possibility to trace the history of the last 100 entries or just let your mother-in-low water flowers during your holidays.

Above mentioned control functions – CAL CONNECT – is the most technologically advanced solution for smart homes used in the CAL doors.

CAL CONNECT is a door opening control and surveillance set with visualization on your smartphone.
It allows door opening from any place in the world (only internet access needed). It cooperates with the alarm and the intercom and is integrated with other smart home systems such as KNX or Carestron.


Części składowe systemu CAL CONNECT