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Arbo collection

Drewniane drzwi zewnętrzne z poziomym deskowaniem Acero


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Drzwi zewnętrzne z widocznym deskowaniem oraz przeszkleniem Fago


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Drzwi zewnętrzne drewniane z bielonym dębem Karpeno


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Drewniane drzwi zewnętrzne z widocznymi deskami kolekcja


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Drzwi zewnętrzne z widocznymi dębowymi deskami Pino


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We love wood. It constitutes the basis of all our doors. Do you love it too? Do you think that there is no real home without real wooden doors? If so, discover the Arbo collection, which is based on the natural charm of real wooden boards, allowing you to fully appreciate their colour, design, texture and warmth, which can be felt when you touch it. Linear board systems will be perfectly suited for economically arranged houses, innovative houses, as well as houses with rustic style.

You only have to decide whether you prefer vertical or horizontal level. Of course, we don’t have to mention the fact that technical parameters go hand in hand with aesthetics. In the case of love, certain things are understood without words.