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Exterior door Czantoria

Wood/Colour options

Oak – Bleached Oak

Oak – Afromosia

Oak – Cherry

Oak – Tabaco

Oak – Teak

Oak – Walnut

Oak – Winchester

Oak – Amber Oak

Oak – Dark Teak

Oak – Gold Oak

Oak – Old Oak

Old oak (oak)

Pine – Afromosia

Pine – Cherry

Pine – Dark Pine

Pine – Dark Teak

Pine – Teak

Pine – Walnut

Pine/Oak – RAL*, NCS*

*colours with surcharge

Comfort door standard

Comfort door standard

Are you looking for a traditional and timeless door? This unique collection refers to handmade panel doors built in accordance with the old craftsmanship techniques. The Classic collection line has been designed for clients who appreciate and value both beauty and feel of traditional grand entrance doors.

  • Heat Transfer Coefficient: Ud<1.3 W/m2K
  • Security Class: burglar-proof hardware and furniture with resistance class 2 (RC2) all models
  • Doorframe: D105mm x W65mm, solid pine or oak
  • Door Sash: Pine or oak, thermally insulated raised panels, 65 mm thickness.
  • Construction: Solid wood paneled door, stiles reinforced with either steel or aluminium profiles to increase the rigidity of door sash to prevent it from warping.
  • Hinges: Four hinges adjustable in three directions
  • Lock: 1 multi-point lock (standard), can be upgraded to AV3 (self locking)
  • Glazing: Low-E, double glazed with P4 security glass
  • Sealing: Double gasket system (double rebated)
  • Threshold: Barrier-free due to threshold height of 20 mm, thermally broken, concealed fastener attachment

Door series available in these door standards: Classic









x7zO z11

x7zO z29



F4 old gold


F8 black


F9 titanium


F6 stainless steel


F6 stainless steel

Custom sizes

Our standard door series are just an inspiration. Fit the CAL door to the opening in your home!

Single door for openings ranging from 960mm up to 1230mm in width and from 1830mm up to 2520mm in height.

Width of the door sets with sidelight(s) can be anywhere between 1140mm and 2950mm (graded every 10mm)

This means that all CAL doors can be designed and manufactured almost to any size you need – from 930mm to 2950mm in width and from 1816mm up to 3000mm in height.

Classic collection

The Classic collection’s designs are non-intrusive and timelessly beautiful. Those models with their traditional appearance combined with modern construction will be a timeless decoration to any house built with love- for a lifetime. Doors from the Classic collection will be the perfect finishing of your home to welcome guests with conventional beauty and provide you with comfort: warmth and silence