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Corporate Social Responsibility We’ve been planting trees! Forest 6.0

30 October 2023
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Over 70,000. real trees from CAL – a socially responsible company

If you are currently faced with the choice of a door for your house or flat – pay attention not only to technical parameters and durability (which will lead you to the CAL brand anyway ;)) We encourage you to pay attention to the type of material that will close the entrance to your home or influence the microclimate inside it. We, of course, invariably believe that the most environmentally friendly raw material is wood. We wrote here about the fact that the entire CAL door can be recycled >>>check recycling of wooden doors<<<. We also know that it is worth giving back to Mother Nature the raw material we obtain from her. That is why we have invariably been planting a forest for 6 years now! We are more than paying back what we need. The trees will serve future generations by producing oxygen, providing shelter for animals, providing places to walk and, in time, being the raw material for our great-grandchildren. Let’s give them the chance to surround themselves at home with more than just plastic and metal. Let them also get the chance to use >>>real exterior doors<<<.

Monday 16th October the sixth edition of the forest planting event took place. It has been organised by the CAL real doors brand for many years. The event was attended by nearly 100 people.

CAL, like any socially responsible company, cares about its environment. It more than reimburses the trees it uses for its wooden doors. Because, as you know, wood is the best and natural composite material. Each year we wean more than our requirements.

Wood is estimated to have more than 30,000 uses. Its many advantages make it a versatile material and one of the world’s most important organic raw materials. Wood is used not only for chopping boards, but also for multi-storey office and residential buildings. And most importantly, thanks to campaigns such as that of CAL, wood is becoming a renewable raw material. Its mass increases over several decades without any negative effects on the environment, but with many positive ones.

Responsibility for Mother Nature

Responsibility. A feature that has guided us for more than 35 years has also led us to take even greater care of our surroundings and concern for future generations. This is why we are planting a forest for the 6th time now. Thanks to the cooperation with the City of Suwałki and the kindness of the State Forests Enterprise, the entire CAL Team can integrate “in our own way” – in nature and at work – explains Sylwia Ciszewska, Managing Director of CAL Real Doors. And she adds – Children and young people are also invited to join the action. Through their work, they acquire not only respect towards physical labour, but also a sentiment for the forests that surround us. Together, we plant trees so that the next generation can enjoy forest bathing or simply detox from electronic devices.

The event was attended by children and young people from the Suwałki-based alternative education group “EduEkipa – adventure base”, run by the Community Foundation.

By working together, CAL has reforested nearly 2 hectares of land. Every year it will check how it grows – And we know from experience that forests planted by the hands of the CAL Team and our Friends have a very high seedling adoption rate and grow beautifully – the commitment to work and the heart put into the little trees simply pays off! – Sylwia Ciszewska adds.

CAL thus reminds us that it is worth choosing ecological products like wooden doors. Our everyday choices not only protect Mother Nature, but also create a good, healthier microclimate in the home. Earth Day can be celebrated by all of us all year round.

The Lady Business Club and Radio 5 provided media patronage for the event.

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